ZTE Radiant Debloated

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ZTE Radiant Debloated

Post by H e i g h t s 7 1 3 on Wed Jun 29, 2016 12:24 am

This is the stock ZTE rom with bloatware deleted. There are two version Deodex and odex available for download.
Odex: https://mega.nz/#!a0I1xbRD!NKc9WC28zqxbAg3fSpUbpOICK4f9sv358YkJP-aYL2Y
Deodex: https://mega.nz/#!34JiRZrJ!KPqFgYBrM5JsTxHg7w1sBxPIrJbeoBFZVe6JPmSHVms
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