Dirty Unicorn jfltecri v10.6 DIRTY DEEDS Spartan

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Dirty Unicorn jfltecri v10.6 DIRTY DEEDS Spartan

Post by Spartan Warrior on Wed Oct 19, 2016 1:51 pm

First, special thanks to Team DIRTY UNICORNS: For allowing me to come aboard. All dev work was done by team DU, and as of late last night I became one of their newest Team Members, so I decided it is time for me to post some works from said Team = DIRTY UNICORNS!
This is DU_jfltecri_6.0.1_20161019-1346.v10.6-DIRTY-DEEDS-Spartan PORT from an International device in another country to the Samsung Galaxy S4 on Cricket/AT&T 4G LTE services in America. Once again all the original dev work was done by Team Dirty Unicorns, and I was able to successfully PORT it over, and make it BOOT on the jfltecri. Please feel free to contact me if you need additional info or assistance.

DU_jfltecri_6.0.1._20161019-1346.v10.6-DIRTY-DEEDS-Spartan.zip 282.9 MB


BaNkS-Dynamic-GApps-6.x.x-10-20-15.zip199.0 MB

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