DU_jfltedcm_7.1.1_20170107-0353.v11.0-UNOFFICIAL.zip PORTED from Japan to jfltecri 01092017

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DU_jfltedcm_7.1.1_20170107-0353.v11.0-UNOFFICIAL.zip PORTED from Japan to jfltecri 01092017

Post by Spartan Warrior on Mon Jan 09, 2017 9:40 pm

Thanks to Dirty Unicorns & Team Dirty Unicorns Developers!!
This is the Famous Dirty Unicorns DU_jfltedcm_7.1.1_20170107-0353.v11.0-UNOFFICIAL.zip which I have modified to boot on the jfltecri. This Dirty Unicorns v11.0 Custom ROM was PORTED from the Japanese S4 jfltedcm = SC-04E, and it will boot up on both devices. In comparison to my other Android version 7.1.1 ROMS this comes with Dirty Tweaks, and OmniSwitch for Multitasking needs. This is a very nice Dirty Unicorns v11.0 Custom ROM that comes with all the normal apps, and goodies like Chromium browser, and it also has 1 Japanese app called Osaifu-Keitai. When trying the Japanese app Osaifu-Keitai we see a confirmation message about needing to download the app with access to Google Play? OK or Cancle...if we try hitting the OK button all it does is give a message about how it ISN'T AVAILABLE in our country....lmao like you have to go to Japan to use it man....it is just a little Japanese Wallet app that they just couldn't live without. We can however go into Settings/apps/ to that app and just disable it, and it is removed from the apps list but not removed from the device completely. The best features are the OmniSwith for Multi-Tasking needs, and the Dirty Tweaks for personalizations. Please use the gapps for Android version Nougat 7.1.1 of the flavor that you wish to use...ie: stock, mini, full...whichever you like. Enjoy Smile peace!

DU_jfltedcm_7.1.1_20170107-0353.v11.0-UNOFFICIAL.zip310.4 MB


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